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Find the Top Attractions in Cairo.No trip to Egypt is complete without Visit Cairo.the Capital of Egypt. Cairo is one of the world's great megacities. As beautiful as it is crazy, and as rich in historic finery as it is half dilapidated.


The Giza Plateau of Egypt, located about 15 miles southwest of modern Cairo, is one of the most important and famous archaeological sites in the world

Saqqara Necropolis

Saqqara, also known as Sakkara or Saqqara in English, is a village in Egypt's Giza Governorate. It is located in the Markaz of Badrashin and is home to ancient burial sites of Egyptian royalty. These burial grounds served as the necropolis for the an


Luxor is the most well-known recognized City in Upper (Southern) Egypt and the capital of Luxor Governorate, known famously for its oldest and most Ancient Egyptian sites. Originally called ?Thebes? in ancient Egypt, Luxor is often known also as the


The magical city of Aswan, formerly known as Swenett, is located in the south of Egypt. The word Aswan is derived from the ancient Egyptian word ?Soun?, which means souk or market. Aswan earned its name because it was a strategic gateway to the South

Qena monuments

Qena is a governorate in Upper Egypt that is home to a number of ancient monuments, including the Dendera Temple Complex and the Coptic monastery at Deir el-Ballas. These monuments provide a glimpse into the rich history and culture of Egypt and are


Sohag Governorate is an Egyptian governorate located in the south of the country, and is distinguished by the presence of many important antiquities there, which made it an internationally recognized position.

El Minya

El Minya is famous as ?the Bride of Upper Egypt?, because of its location in Upper Egypt, it is an important city.Discover the archaeological monuments in El Minya with Egypt Tour Packages


The Bride of the Mediterranean?this is how the city of Alexandria is called because it includes a large part of the coast of the Mediterranean Sea. We invite tourists from all over the world to enjoy its distinctive enjoyable atmosphere.

Madinat Al Fayyum

Fayoum is an Egyptian governorate located in northern Upper Egypt, about 92 kilometers from Cairo. It is the largest natural oasis in Egypt, and is characterized by its picturesque nature and charming views.


San El Hagar is a small town in El Sharqiya Governorate with a mixture of Bedouin and farmer population. Nowadays, the town is famous for housing the archeological site of ancient Tanis that had a great importance during the Nineteenth and Twentieth

The New Valley

The New Valley (El wady El gedid) Governorate is famous for its many tourist areas that have unique features and are an attraction for tourists,especially in desert areas,as there are 139 tourist and archaeological sites, in addition to different typ


Qalyubia Governorate is one of the governorates of Egypt. Located in Lower Egypt. It is situated north of Cairo in the Nile Delta region. Its capital is Banha.

Gharbia Governorate

Gharbia Governorate "the western governorate" is one of the governorates of Egypt. It is located in the north of the country, south of Kafr El Sheikh Governorate, and north of Monufia Governorate.

Kafr El Sheikh Governorate

Kafr El Sheikh Governorate is one of the governorates of Egypt. It lies in the northern part of the country, along the western branch of the Nile in the Nile Delta. Its capital is the city of Kafr El Sheikh.

Beheira Governorate

Beheira Governorate is also home to a number of the most important Coptic monasteries in Wadi El Natrun.


Asyut is the capital of Asyut governorate and a major city in Upper Egypt. It is located on the western side of the Nile River, approximately halfway between Cairo and Aswan. The fertile Nile River valley in this area spans around 20 km in width.

Siwa Oasis

The Siwa Oasis is a city oasis in Egypt. It is located in the Western Desert, between the Qattara Depression and the Great Sand Sea.

Dahshur Pyramids

Dahshur, a village located approximately 40 kilometers southwest of Cairo, is the southernmost point of the pyramid field that starts at Giza.

El Lahun

The El-Lahun Pyramid is an ancient Egyptian monument located in Faiyum, Egypt, which was built during the 12th dynasty under the reign of Pharaoh Senusret II .This impressive structure has a unique design and construction that sets it apart from othe


Hawara is an ancient Egyptian archaeological site located south of Crocodilopolis and at the entrance to Fayyum oasis depression. In this site, there is a pyramid constructed by Pharaoh Amenemhat III during the 19th century BC.

Best Things to Do in South Sinai Governorate

South Sinai Governorate is one of Egypt's governorates and one of the two governorates that divide the area of the Sinai Peninsula. Its capital is the city of El-Tur. The governorate has a stable climate all year round and has access to pure water so

Amazing Facts about the Red Sea

The Red Sea lures numerous tourists annually, catering to various preferences. Whether you desire to sunbathe, swim, snorkel, scuba dive, or delve into the sea's depths, you can also embark on a yacht adventure or learn to surf. Moreover, the Red Sea

Best Things to do in Egypt

Egypt is a country that connects northeast Africa with the Middle East. It has a rich history dating back to the time of the pharaohs. Along the fertile Nile River Valley, you can find ancient monuments that are thousands of years old.

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